If you’re wondering when’s the best time of year to get your Chester County home’s roof replaced, the beginning of summer may be your best bet. While it’s altogether possible to have your roof replaced any time of the year, the beginning of summer has unique advantages for you and your roofing professional.

Why Is Early Summer a Good Time to Get a Roof Replaced?

First, it is a slower time of year for roofers, so materials are in less demand and may come at a lower price tag. Early summer heat allows sealants to dry more effectively and shingles to adhere to one another more readily. 

What About Mid- and Late Summer?

For your roofer, the milder temperatures of early summer are more hospitable than later on in the season. Temperatures tend to peak in the middle of the summer, making it unpleasant for roofers to do their job. While most roofers are up for the job, the high temperatures can also have a detrimental effect on roofing materials. For example, extreme heat can soften asphalt shingles, resulting in reduced durability overall and scuffing when roofers step on them.

Is Spring a Good Time to Have a Roof Installed?

Harsh conditions over the winter make spring a busy season for roofing. If you plan to have a roof installed during spring, be sure to give your roofing professional plenty of warning by scheduling early.

Is Fall a Good Time to Have a Roof Installed?

Fall can be a good time for installing a new roof. Roofs go up more quickly in the fall than other times of the year because the cooler temps make it easier for roofers to work longer each day. However, fall is another busy time for roofing, so be sure to schedule your roofing work ahead of the rush.

Do Roofers Install Roofs in the Winter?

Roofers can and do install roofs in the winter, but it is not optimal for roof installation. Cold temperatures can make roofing materials brittle, and sealants are not as effective. It’s recommended you wait for more pleasant conditions.

Early summer is the best time for roof installation, followed closely by fall. Reach out to your roofing professionals at MB Roofing for all your Chester County residential roofing and commercial roofing needs any time of year.